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Carpet Cleaning

Our Three Step Carpet Cleaning Process. First, we apply a high traffic pre-spray which helps to break down the soils in your carpet Second, we apply specialized spot cleaners for the tough spots and stains and high traffic areas. Finally, your carpet is thoroughly steam cleaned and rinsed, flushing the dirt and pollutants from the fibers leaving your carpet clean and fresh.

Most grey-black areas and soiled appearances are easily removed. Black lines around the edge of your carpet are filtration lines and are typically permanent.  Some dye spots from food coloring, markers, candle wax may be permanent but we have all the chemicals and expertise to provide the best results possible.

We focus on high traffic areas that get the most use. That said, we will move some furniture like sofas or tables, but not beds and dressers.

  • 3 areas around $120
  • additional areas $25-30

Restrictions may apply and may incur additional cost:

  • 3 story townhouse
  • 2nd story and above condo/apartment
  • Combined living/dining areas.

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